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Win the interview - Win the job! Part 1- PREPARATION

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A 3 part series on winning the interview to win the job.


  • Do your homework on the company
  • Bring a pad or folio with several copies of your resume to share with additional interviewers.

INTRODUCTION (face-to-face)

  • Firm hand shake
  • Good eye contact
  • Smile


  • ALWAYS let the interviewer finish asking his/ her questions before you respond.
  • DON’T over-do it with answers that run on for more than 10 minutes per question….
    You need to be concise and respectful of the interviewers time. Get to the point and finish by asking the manager if you answered the question with enough detail or if they want more information.
  • TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE. And DO NOT Look at it During the Interview.
  • BE there 15 minutes early.
  • DRESS appropriately. It's okay to ask what's the dress code, when scheduling the interview. Nice Suit or Business Attire (dark conservative colors, ties, and pressed shirts).
  • DON'T ever talk bad about former companies or managers.
  • HAVE a story ready about the progression of your career and the accomplishments and things you have done in the past. Paint a picture of yourself and your achievements through your words. Be positive!!
  • RUNNING late? Call the account manager and your Recruiter/Agency.
  • FOLLOW up (call your recruiter or agency immediately after interview)


- Win the interview - Win the job! Part 2- NEEDS ANALYSIS


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